incorporated in 22/02/2017 in india as oon globalcom private limited, with cin U74999KA2017PTC100718 is a startup recognized by GOVERNMENT of india with startup certificate number: DIPP5650.

We believe education as the most important fundamental rights that can not only help in a country's progress but also to eradicate poverty, illiteracy and many other social and economic problems all around the world.

Partnering with Microsoft, as an Authorized Education Partner enable us to provide cutting edge technology in the field of education. Empowering our schools, teachers and students in bringing technology in classrooms.

The cloud technology helps the school deliver their best and maintaining records of everything from class lectures, documents, student records, assessments, etc.

This would bring around major changes in the present traditional way of teaching and also eradicate the expensive tools and devices like the smart-boards.


  • IT Services and Solutions for schools and universities.
  • Integrating technologies for the schools and universities.
  • Launch of GlobalCom Education CA for schools and universities.


  • Incorporated and working for new ways to integrate technology in the classrooms.
  • Planning on a single-platform for educations